Alex Cotruta revealed FRM new board

The new president of Federaţiei de Rugby din Moldova (Moldova rugby union) Alexei Cotruta lift the veil on the new board and the head coach he wants for the national team.

Members of the new board are Alexandru Siscan, Vasile Leu, Vlad Musteata, Dumitru Navoloaca and Oleg Sadovici. Supervisory body is composed of Victor Rotari, Sergei Botezatu and Mihai Cazacu.

Alexandru Siscan, Vasile Leu, Vlad Musteata and Serghei Botezatu are all former team-mates of Alexei Cotruta in Moldova national team.

Alexandru Siscan, 37 like Alex Cotruta, is a former longtime captain of Moldova. He was supposed to become the national coach in 2012 but Sergiu Motoc kept the job. He’s still playing at amateur level at Galati in Romania.

According sources, Vasile Leu, 34, former full back, will become vice-president. He was leading the opposition to Vasile Revenco. Like Siscan, he’s still playing at Galati.

Vlad Musteata (picture) is an interesting profile. He had a conversion in real estate in Moldova. He’s now the boss of Pro Imobil Grup, created in 2011. It’s the biggest real estate group in Moldova according his website. He could be the new mogul of FRM.

Serghei Botezatu, also 37, played with Alex Cotruta in 2008 Edinburgh Sevens.

Dumitru Navoloaca is a sports professor in Moldova.

Oleg Sadovici, 37, was the general secretary of Vasile Revenco before 2010 election. He’s a coach. He will be the general secretary of the new board.

Victor Rotari and Mihai Cazacu don’t seem to have a meaningful activity related to rugby.

About the national coach position, Alex Cotruta wants George Sava (Poli Iasi) to take the job. They are very good friends. George Sava can’t refuse it and he already expressed his intention to improve Moldovan rugby both side of the border. He would take the job part-time.


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