Alex Cotruta ready to become president of Moldova union

Thursday, reports from Romanian medias announced the eviction of FRM president Vasile Revenco after a decision coming from the Supreme Court of Moldova.

Very well informed Romanian journalist Cristian Frisk enlightened us about the current situation in Moldovan rugby.

First of all, could you explain us how you learned the decision from the Supreme Court of Justice of Moldova ?

I was able to read the decision in Chisinau in the last few days but the judgement was given around November 23th. There was a lot of problems in Chisinau and holidays didn’t allow a quick application. The Minister of Sports still have to put the decision into practice.

What does the judgement say ?

The judgement says Vasile Revenco was illegally elected in 2010. FRM statutes haven’t been respected and the election was fraudulent. There were two elections in 2010 : one designated Alex Cotruta as president, the other one, Vasile Revenco. Revenco’s election has been nullified. So, Alex Cotruta is the elected president.

So, who are the new board members ?

The new board is coming from the 2010 Cotruta list. It was never published. The Ministry of Sport will notice the new board composition. Than, justice of Moldova will finalize the procedures. Former FRM General Secretary Oleg Sadovici will take the position again.

Alex Cotruta, 37, confirmed to Rugby Est he was the new president and that his mandate will end in 2021. The former great international centre is waiting for the final procedures to make a declaration, probably next week.

Sources tell us players are exhausted by FRM disarray. They are now in a « wait to see » attitude. Current national head coach and former board member Sergiu Motoc will be replaced in the coming weeks. FRM advisor Mircea Parashiv should also be ousted.